Towards a climate-resilient world

We bridge the gap between scientific knowledge and practice

We need to adapt to the changing climate. This is called climate adaptation. Governments, businesses and residents: everyone must do their part. This requires knowledge: knowledge that you can put into practice. This is what we are good at: making scientific knowledge about the climate easy to understand, so that as many people as possible can put it to work.

This is what we are good at

Our motto is ‘keep it simple’

We develop our tools and services together with the user. We focus on information that the local official, water expert, consultant or resident can use. Our innovative products come from questions on the ground instead of the available knowledge. Our motto is ‘keep it simple’.

This is our approach

We are a committed, passionate and creative team

Do you have a question? We’re happy to brainstorm solutions with you.

Do you have a question about our tools or services? Or do you want to get in touch with us for another reason? We’re happy to brainstorm solutions with you.

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