How we work

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We believe in the power of visualizations and stories. We develop innovative products using the latest visualization techniques and storytelling. This enables us to connect knowledge about climate change to the needs of users. We focus on innovation, connecting and thinking from the user’s perspective.

We make our products together with the user

We create our products together with users so that the results fit their knowledge and needs. They have to understand the information and must be willing and able to use it.

We keep it simple

Our products are easy to use and visually attractive. Our motto is ‘keep it simple’. We do this by identifying with the user and imagining the world from the user’s perspective. This allows us to make complex climate information accessible and understandable to a wide audience.

We ensure continuity and consolidation of the knowledge infrastructure.

We build on the scientific knowledge and experience from the Dutch Knowledge for Climate research program, which ran from 2008 to 2014. CAS was born out of this program. This means we have a scientific base, and we work a lot with knowledge institutions and consultancies. We are often the bridge between knowledge institutions and users. We provide alignment, assurance and disclosure of knowledge in the public domain.

Curious about the people behind CAS?

We are a committed, passionate and creative team that works towards a climate-proof world. Curious about the people behind CAS? Read more about our team.

Our team