New in the Climate Impact Atlas: the Neighbourhood Dashboard

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By Arjen Koekoek

03 / 06 / 2024



Together with the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences and Deltares, we have developed a tool for in the Climate Impact Atlas: the Neighbourhood Dashboard. This new tool provides insight into various climate adaptation challenges.

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What can you do with the Neighbourhood Dashboard?

With the Neighbourhood Dashboard you get a quick insight into how climate-proof neighbourhoods are. For example, you can find out how green a neighbourhood is or what perceived temperatures are most common on a hot summer day. You can compare the statistics with neighbourhoods of the same type or with the rest of the municipality. The Neighbourhood Dashboard can also help determine which challgens are most urgent or where the most opportunities for climate adaptation lie.

For whom is the Neighbourhood Dashboard a useful tool?

The Neighbourhood Dashboard was developed for municipalities. But other parties who want to work on climate adaptation can also use it. For example, it is also a useful tool for education purposes.

What is the information from the dashboard based on?

Much of the information in the Neighbourhood Dashboard comes directly from the Climate Impact Atlas, but some data comes from other sources, such as CBS and RIVM.

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